Luke Cook Century 21

When people say, “That Luke really knows about homes!” they’re correct. Before I started my career selling homes I made my living building them.

Like many residents of the Okanagan, I was born elsewhere and moved to this beautiful valley. Originally I came from the tiny community of Uxbridge located North of Toronto.

My brother and I were raised to love and appreciate the great outdoors. We spent every moment possible skiing and riding mountain bikes. It was this love for the outdoors that prompted me to move out West after I graduated with my Red Seal in Carpentry.

At the age of 25, I started buying an investment property in Vancouver. I sold my first property and was able to buy many more and increase my reach all the way to Calgary. Much of my success in the world of buying investment properties came from being able to recognize a home’s potential.

My wife and I lived in Vancouver for 7 years. It was after having our first child and one on the way we decided to move to Kelowna. We had always loved to visit and thought it would be a great place to raise kids.

I started my real estate career by creating a team that very quickly became one of the largest teams in Kelowna. We called ourselves Team Innovation. Our strength became our weakness. Because of our success, we grew very quickly. That rapid growth meant it was hard to keep the high level of service that I’m known for and insist upon. This prompted the decision to go on my own to maintain my reputation for excellent customer service.